Cool Cheese Studios. A Photography Studio for rent in Singapore.

We at Cool Cheese Studios wish to support your creative endeavours, that's why we provide you with all sorts of equipment to suit your photographic needs. We also provide your makeup artists with a makeup table complete with makeup lights and a sofa with WIFI for your clients to chill. Do you require a conducive space to flex some creative muscle? Just bring along your own camera, we'll provide the rest!


Our studio equipment are included for use without additional costs! 

Strobe Lights

-04x 600w Fomex Strobe Lights

-02x 1000w Fomex Strobe Lights


-Assorted Colour Gels

-Wireless Trigger set

Continuous Lights

-04x 600w Manda Lights


-50 x 130cm Strip Boxes

-90 x 110cm Softbox

Beauty Dish

-70cm Silver Reflector

-with silver, white translucent and gold deflectors

-with 70cm grid

-55cm Fomex Silver Reflector

Paper Backdrops 




-Baby Blue



- 2 textured cloth backdrops


-Various Reflectors

-Various Snoots with grid

Light Stands

-Various lengths

-with Boom


-Salon Camera Stand



-Tornado Fans

-Fog Machine

-Steam Iron

-Makeup Table with Lights

-Speakers with Aux Cable


-Water Dispenser

There is a maximum allowance of 15 pax in the studio at any time. Read our terms and conditions for more information.