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Use the widget below to make a studio booking! Before making a booking, please read through our Terms & Conditions.

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Minimum of 3hrs booking for weekend rentals.

Booking Instructions:

1. Choose from our Package Rates that offer lower prices OR from the Standard Rates for an hour or two of rentals.

2. Click on 'Book Now' next to your chosen option and then choose the date and start time that you wish to rent.

3. Provide your contact details on the final page and submit. You will receive a Confirmation email from us followed by a PayPal Invoice. We will only confirm your booking once the rental fees have been paid.

4. In the event that your desired booking hours are not included in the Package Rates, you can add hours by making another booking using the Package/Standard Rates. 

For example, if I wanted a 4 hour booking. I'll book once with a 3hr Package and then another time using the 1hr Standard Hourly Rate.

If I wanted a 6hr booking, I'll simply book the 3hr Package twice, back to back.